First Blog

Better late than never, here is my first post–losing my blogging virginity, if you like–which it has taken me too long to get round to. In my defence, blogging can be intimidating to someone who has never done it before, and also seems somewhat narcissistic: what do I, a trainee journalist of less than six weeks, have to say about the industry which hasn’t been said before by people with greater experience and eloquence?

Anyway, hopefully it will get easier after the first post–everyone needs the make believe of a beginning–and instead of trying to re-invent the wheel I’ll merely comment on any news stories or media happenings which interest me. And as my specialism is music journalism, many of my entries will relate to events or news in the music press, although I’ll try and include broader and more topical stories as well.

I think I’ll leave the first post there, apart from adding the exciting news reported today that The Smiths, one of the greatest ever bands, are closer than ever to reforming according to The Sun today

Clearly, this blog is where to come for the serious and weighty news…

~ by benjaminhewitt on October 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “First Blog”

  1. I’d be massively surprised to see that happen, as awesome as it would be.
    Johnny Marr has just pledged his long-term commitment to The Cribs [] and I’ve heard reports that Morrisey might be retiring soon.
    But in these crazy Harry Redknapp days, you never can tell!
    Good to see you blogging, mate 🙂

  2. Morrissey reitre? On the contrary Christopher, Moz is preparing to release a new album, Years of Refusal (which sounds typically angsty) in the next few weeks. I will include a link for you – 40k
    Apparently it could happen at Coachella as a one off occurence…however, this is quickly turning into an anorak like discussion on The Smiths.

  3. You write so eloquently well about something which is quite clearly passionately within your soul.Old bands reforming seems to be a commercial gimmick these days while bands address the problems of the effect of the credit crunch on their royalties. The Smiths were the last great British Band.Let them lie there and still continue to enjoy. !!!

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